what piercings could i get?

hi im 14 n i want 2 get a 6th piercing n i reeeaaally wanted snakebites but my mom sed no she sed i can get my ears pierced again, a surface piercing, or my bellybutton a few more times can sum1 give me sum ideas or send me sum pix btw i want sumthin that's kinda unusual n unique THX 2 any1 who can help btw dnt tell me im 2 young n stuff bout my grammar its shorthand ppl. n ppl keep tellin me not 2 get more piercings dnt tell me that either cuz ya it hurts but i like the pain

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  1. Cutie_14 Says:


    Stop peircing, it’s a total turn-off for every guy I know.

  2. Why so serious? Says:

    Just by looking at your grammar, you’re not mature enough for snakebites. Wait until you’re 16 at least and then ask. Most piercing studios won’t pierce you even with parental consent until you’re 16 anyway.

  3. ? Lexi ? Says:

    what about a nose ring? U can use studs for those, too.


  4. passingtime... Says:

    this is hot an unusualhttp://img234.imageshack.us/img234/1084/belly39bj.gif
    itsa star belly pericing

  5. Smile Says:

    How about an Industrial?
    It’s not so common and it’s located on your ear! (:

  6. ???? Says:

    Um how about you don’t ruin your body by getting your piercings? It looks horrible and hurts so why do it?

  7. Mikki D's Says:


    mine please?

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