With a labret, what do you think: Medusa piercing or Nose ring (girl asking)?

I'm in the punky, rocker type trend. Saying that I mean style wise: i'm not a f*ggot that labels or trys hard. The only facial piercing I have is a labret and i'm getting my tongue done definatly. What would look better? A medusa piercing with the labret or a nose ring? Btw, the preachers about the whole; dont ruin you're face etc etc Not interested =)

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  1. ciaraaa Says:

    I love piercings myself and I’m a “preppy” if you must label. I like pretty piercings and since you already have your labret, I would recommend thud nose piercing because you don’t want ta have too many piercings in the same area so I think a nose piercing would balance the labret out(:

  2. . Says:

    nose for sure! Medusa is def a nice piercing but since you have your labret and getting your tongue you don’t need any more piercings in that area. A nose piercing will balance it all out perfectly :)

  3. Featherweight. Says:

    hmm..get both! then let them heal up and you can alternate between all 3 ;)
    but seriously erm..well medusa might look a bit too much, and it also doesnt tend to suit many people; plus the nose ring is a classic, so nose ring it is :)

    you could always draw the medusa on and see what it’ll look like with your labret as a sorta guide if you wanted ?

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