Hip piercing: dermals or surface?

Getting my hips done for the summer. Would like advice/stories from piercers and people who have their hips done with either, dermals i know scar alot less, but do they even stay in very well in your hips? Dont like the sound of removing them either, sounds painful lol. Which ones do people think look better and which do you think are more comfortable to have? I dont mind too much about scarring, i can just get a tattoo over the scars lol Any advice will be much appreciated :) Just for added info i dont want them forever so as long as they last a while! and im not a big swimmer so dont mind if i cant go swimming during healing :)

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  1. Stasha-Pistachio Says:

    Dermals are a much better option, they have a much lower rejection rate. Most of the time you can just massage them out, but if rejecting, they’ll pretty much fall out.

    But whatever you do.. hip piercings are a pretty useless idea. They’re pretty much guaranteed to reject, hips move far too much, and clothes irritate them easily. High placements have more of a chance.. but they’re still pretty doomed.
    And you can’t go swimming while they heal, which most people seem to forget when they get piercings for summer..

    I’d just get the tattoos..

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