Do women regard male genital piercings as inherently ‘unhygenic’? What is it women think? Women only thanks.

I have a Prince Albert piercing,. when I tell sexually interested women I have one, they rarely respond back to me again,.. what is it that they're worried about? Supposed lack of hygeine? The ring could do damage to them? The sensations being too wierd? What? Any other reasons/worries welcome for discussion. Thanks!

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  1. MissPearl Says:

    not very healthy…

  2. ~J*me~ Says:

    I think it feels good…but thats just me…I have only been with one person that has that done and it was amazing…I thought it was the best sex ever until I met the guy I am with now…he doesn’t need one of those to please me!!!

  3. Sexy Cupcake Says:

    1. It seems unhygenic, to me.
    2. I would be afraid to have someone’s body piercing inside of me. I’ve heard way too many horror stories about. Condoms breaking, and rings getting lost, etc.
    3. It’s kinda gay, in my opinion.
    4. Seems very ostentatious.

  4. FTW Says:

    As a lesbian, I’ve never given any thought to male genital anything. Perhaps the bi-women can give you a decent answer, or you could post in a str8 area if you wish more answers.

  5. Deutsch Says:

    Actually, infection is pretty rare with this type of piercing because the sterile urine flows passed it. However, I’m not sure I would enjoy the ring inside me. There could be the fear of it coming off or actually causing pain during penetration.
    I’m just amazed anyone would actually go through this procedure without being forced.

  6. eschampion Says:

    I don’t think they’re ‘inherently’ unhygenic, it depends on how well the guy cleans himself, and in my experience, people with piercings tend to be more diligent in the hygene arena. Maybe it’s just too odd for them. Maybe they don’t know what a PA actually is.

  7. Cupid_Imma_Beat_that_AZZ Says:

    because most homosexuals have that and not many hetero’s. That is kinda wierd to me but each to his own. Have fun

  8. sleepingliv Says:

    If it was a man that I felt attraction for, it would not deter me, infact, I think it would only make me more curious about him. Perhaps it is fear of the unkown on the ladies part or maybe they are just not that adventurous sexually.

  9. Says:

    Hell no.
    what is with these chick@@!!!!
    prince albert is the best you can get
    its like winning the lottery when u pick up and the guy has one!!!
    dont be discouraged by these other women, prince alberts are not unhygenic (unless you have poor hygiene)
    they are great , pleasurable, sex enhancing gifts.

    maybe they think that you are coming off to quickly, perhaps dont tell them you have a prince albert at all , let them find out when you sleep with them,
    surprises are awesome..

    I have an x-tina piercing and a horizortal hood you think that i am unhygenic?

    that should answer your question

  10. burntglitter84 Says:

    Some women who have the IUD are worried about it getting caught on their birth control and it getting stuck (it’s a scene on greys annatomy), and then some women who have their hood pierced are worried about that catching on it. I however am very curious about it, I dated a guy with a prince albert and never slept with him, I was very young and he didn’t feel right about it. I wouldn’t be scarred of it.

  11. KellyJeanne Says:

    i think its nasty and i would never let a guy with piercings enter me. no thanks ill pass

  12. steadybeau Says:

    First of all, this is a forum for gays and lesbians.
    Secondly, I think people are not impressed with your piercing, and yes it is probably coated with bacteria AND it is NOT the sort of thing women desire to be touching her genitalia. Women tend to be very particular about what kinds of objects go near her girl parts. The only women who like that stuff are girls who have their own genitals pierced, too. I think it is a filthy thing. A woman’s vagina is just no place for something like that. Respect her insides.

  13. cando_86 Says:

    I don’t think that they’re unhygenic. I wouldn’t let the presence of one turn me off, but I think for most women, it’s a very extreme piercing, and it might signal to them something about your personality (even if that is an untrue stereotype). Not to mention that everytime I see one, no matter what I actually know about it not hurting, I just want to wince. They look painful to me!

    It might just be that she feels she doesn’t know what to do with it, and doesn’t want to take the chance of handling a pierced penis ineptly. Or an even better reason would be the concept that it means you’re sexually extreme. I notice this in other situations, too- people tend to think women with genital piercings are promiscuous and sort of sexually extreme. I guess the idea is why would you adorn your genitals unless you use them frequently, and why would you stick a piece of metal through them unless the regular stuff had gotten boring and you needed something new and freaky to liven it up? A woman might hear that and wonderf “What’s next for this guy? Gagging me in the basement?”.

    It’s unfair, I know, but I suppose those are some of the thoughts that could be running through women’s heads.

    I hope you can find someone who loves your PA just as much as you do!

  14. carora13 Says:

    From what I’ve heard, someone with the stones to get a Prince Albert is someone I wouldn’t mind meeting! I’m a pre-op transwoman myself and am thinking about getting some genital piercings *after* I get the operation. My cousin was telling me that the wife of the guy that he’s apprenticing under as a tattoo artist said that if her husband got his jacob’s ladder removed the relationship was over, so some women like genital piercings.

  15. nobody Says:

    all i can say is that you have to sit down to do your business or it will splash everywhere

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