How bad is getting your tongue pierced?

I really wanna get my tongue pierced. But currently I have orals coming up. And obviously I have to wait for it to be over. I have a dental appointment like next year. All I wanna know is how bad is it, is it true that you can't eat any diary products? If so why, sucking on ice would be good, and what kind of mouthwash should I use. Or rather the aftercare and the process. Thanks much. But any idea how long to keep the piercing on for safety reasons? And cause I already have about 7 piercings, 4 on the ears, 2 on each side of the lobe, a naval and my hips. And wouldn't the hole close if you take it out to eat ?

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  1. Rose Says:

    Why would you want to get your tongue pierced and have to deal with all that stuff?

  2. lauren london Says:

    It’s not true you can’t eat dairy. The actual piercing itself isn’t that bad. It’s the pain you feel afterwards until it’s healed. When I got mine pierced, I lived off ice cream and ice so obviously you can still eat dairy.

  3. vrysxyboy2002 Says:

    Its not that bad at all. You wont be able to eat any “hard” food for about 3 days to a week. You can use any type of mouthwash, preferably one without alcohol. I never heard about not being able to eat any dairy products when I had my tounge peirced. Sucking on ice helps with the swelling and and makes it feel better. The reason you cant eat hard foods is because your tongue swell to about 3 times its normal size. it doesnt hurt that bad at all and its over in about 3 seconds. After the swelling goes down and ur able to eat hard foods I reccomend taking the toungue ring out EVERYTIME you eat because its very easy to bite your toungue ring and break your teeth. Thats the reason I decided to take mine out. I busted one of teeth pretty bad. Other then thats It sno big deal.

  4. WildMustang Says:

    ITS AWSOME! I was smiling the whole time! After I used antiseptic mouthwash after everything and it never got infected. I’ve had it for about a month and a half. My tongue got swollen in the evening after talking at work for 2 days, but i took 600 mg ibuprofen every day for 2 wks, and that kept the swelling down. The actual piercing took about 2 seconds and only pinched, mine didn’t even really bleed. It’s great now I can do everything normal!

  5. babifacemane21 Says:

    there’s nothing bad about it but you can eat any hard food and you have to drink soft juices via apple juice and water

  6. WrecklessBby; Says:

    whoever said you can’t eat dairy products is silly

    i’v had my tongue pierced twice, because i got it taken out the first time. it’s not that bad. the pain is a pinch, i didn’t really feel alot. depending on your pain of tolerance. you might want to wait for you orals to be over! & even if you have a dental appointment NEXT year, it won’t matter. so get it done after your done with your orals!
    you can use any kind of mouthwash, i recommend listerine!
    hopefully you use mouthwash in your reguler teeth brushing routine. so yeah. use mouthwash for at least 2 months. if you see a white ring forming around the piercing, it’s safe. you’ll feel a little swollen, thats normal. just suck on some ice or icecream.
    you’ll be fine!

  7. bobby Says:

    first off make sure you go to a reliable piercing place, thats the most important thing. i went with my friend to get his. the funniest thing is that when just about everyone gets their tongue pierced, a huge glob of drool shoots out of their mouth, its like a reflex. also, it sounds like someone biting into a sausage when the needle goes through your tongue. yeah, you cant eat dairy for a while becuse it breeds bacteria really easily that can infect your tongue. you’ll want to use non-alcohol mouthwash. i forget why, but i know its important. and you should use swish with the mouthwash every couple hours or so.
    like i first said, the most important thing is going to a reliable place. they will give you all the care instructions you need.
    good luck with that.

  8. bored in nh Says:

    It’s not true about the dairy products. It does hurt, but it’s not awful. As for care, it will swell for a few days and you won’t be eating solid foods. They suggested Listerine (original) when I got mine, and it worked just fine for me.
    Good luck! :)

  9. AMBER P Says:

    my boyfriend used to have his tounge peirced but then he took it out because it started cracking his teeth. Once your teeth are cracked they cant be fixed. He has to brush his teeth 3 times a day instead of 2 because once ur teeth crack u can get cavitys really easily. it isnt worth it. Another thing is plaque can build up in ur toung ring hole and cause u to have bad breath.

  10. Joanne ? Says:

    It didn’t hurt at all getting it pierced. I ate dairy producsts and mines fine. Use alcohol free mouthwash and wash out with salty water whenever you eat or drink something :)

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