How can I decrease the size of my swollen tragus?

A friend and I both got our tragii pierced, and so this question is on behalf of the both of us. The piercing was done back in the middle of December, and having had many successfully healed piercings, I know that this one should be completely healed by now. I've been cleaning it daily, both with soap in the shower, and with salt water, and it definitely seems like the hole itself is healed, with the exception of the swelling. It's not warm to the touch, and it's barely secreting any lymph at all. The swelling is more on the innermost hole, which does ache a little when touched. The outside seems fine. I had an infected (and VERY swollen) rook piercing several years ago that I was told to clean daily with Bactine by a piercer. I know this seems unusual, as most other piercers I've spoken with say not to use Bactine, but sure enough, he was right. The infection went away, and with it, the swelling disappeared, too. I am not sure if I have an infection on my hands here, or if it's swollen for some other reason. Can anyone recommend an alternative method (beside Bactine) for decreasing the swelling? (I'd rather not take the jewelry out; if there is, in fact an infection, I want to keep the hole open for drainage, so that the bacteria will not become trapped inside)

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  1. Italia Says:

    Have you tried the cleaning stuff they give you when you first got your ears pierced a long time a go? That helps my piecings. Where is a tragus piercing btw?

  2. bluestetson Says:

    Keep with the sea salt soaks, leave off the soap in the shower, it might be irritating your piercing further.

    I’ve never had a cartilage piercing, but I have heard that chamomile tea bags help with the swelling. Get a box of those at the store, be sure it’s just straight chamomile in the bags. Let one steep in hot water for just a minute, then hold it on your ear the same way you would with a cotton ball soaked in warm sea salt water. I’ve heard it works absolute wonders, and I do know that chamomile does have anti-inflammatory properties (that’s why it makes your throat feel better). It’s definitely worth a shot, and as long as you get pure chamomile tea bags, it certainly won’t hurt your ear.

    If it is an infection, the sea salt should clear it up. I had an infection in my ear lobe after snagging my earring on my bag, and three days of sea salt soaks twice a day cleared it right up. I hope the chamomile helps!

  3. Renee Says:

    if it’s been pierced since december and it’s still not healed, maybe go back to your piercer.

    when mine was healing, the inside took longer to heal than the outside, but i kept cleaning it.

    continue cleaning it for about a week or two, and if it’s still not better, go see your piercer.

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