Do you think tattoos/piercings look cheap?

I don't have a tattoo, but lately i've been thinking about getting a small elegant/pretty one behind my ear just under my hairline. Something small, nothing gaudy or tacky. And as for piercings, i had my ears post, my lobes and the top of my right ear pierced, and had my tragus done, but i want to get my nape/neck done. I'm 17, and going into college. I think these will suit my personality because they're unusual and they're subtle. They can be hidden if necessary... i'm not into the whole "illustrated body" look. Just something sweet. I'd like your opinion on this tattoo or piercing, particularly men, my age/older.

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  1. Yoko Says:

    Well you only have one pair of skin for the rest of life, so why ruin it? What ever god gave you, you should stick with it. But simple ear piercings are fine. But it’s what you want.

  2. perfectiondoesntexist. Says:

    Nope, they can look beautiful.

  3. happy Says:

    i think the ones you have sound nice, and also the tattoo is a really nice idea because you know you have it but other people may not if you don’t want to and if they do it is pretty. as for the neck i think this is such a cool idea and a girl i knew (RIP) had it and it was really unique and looked lovely xx

  4. LIL Says:

    It shows of personality. i think a few are ok but to be plastered in them does look cheap. i have ears done twice and am getting a tattoo soon. but i wouldn’t have a random tattoo that didn’t mean anything that’s abit pointless. after all it’s there for life.

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