why do i have such weird dreams?

okay so mostly every night i have a ridiculously weird dream and i cant find the cause of it. i dont eat before i go to bed and i dont do anything unusual to set it off. last night i had a dream about getting belly button piercing of a map of italy. i talked to my english teacher and he said i had a lot of "lucid" dreaming. this is a state where i can control it but im still wondering why i have such wierd dreams. i dream about people i dont talk to, especially the other night. someone i dont associate with was singing karaoke drunk on top of a car to the song that they sing at the end of step brothers. i see names of dead people and weirddddd stuff like that. PLEASE HELP ME!

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  1. Holden Says:


  2. Molly Says:

    um, i wouldnt worry about it. you could pray to God to give you the answers.

  3. zurkelO.o Says:

    I have many weird dreams like this too. It may be that these things your dreaming about have some significance that your only subconsciously aware of. My dreams usually have something to do with things that are going on in my life or of things that I was thinking about that day, but the dreams are really unrealistic and whatever I was thinking about was just a very insignificant part of the dream… I hope this helps!!

  4. e9601: Says:

    Because of my antidepression drugs, I also have VERY weird dreams. I embrace them now and look forward to them!

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