This or That? Narrowed It Down To Two Choices for Female – Now Help, Please?

So the character is either going to be a Ruth or an Abigail, or maybe something else. She is a semi-strange girl, with dark black-brown hair that is long, cut with strait, usually tousled bangs that touch along dark, long black eyelashes, shaded around amazing, beautiful, piercing blue eyes the color of the Ocean; the only thing unordinary about her. She considers herself strange, unusual to most and feared because of it. No one liked her in her life, or never told her, though secretly, many boys thought she was daring, smart, and wildly beautiful; though of course, to maintain their reputation, they could never confess these to the crazy girl, the one who writes poetry all day long in her journal and wears the same navy-blue, long sleeve tee-shirt every day to school (she has five - only one type of shirt, a pair of jeans, and one pair of shoes.) I think I like Ruth. I also like Remy. This story takes place 1970s, so. Keep that in mind. The story takes place in 1970s, so she isn't dead yet, no.

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  1. Elsie Treize Says:

    “No one liked her in life,” so she’s dead? Did she die a long time ago? Those two names, to me, would be for someone who died maybe before 1950. You could try something completely different if she died more recently: Khadija, Maia, Zara, Camille, (Camilla), Candace.

  2. kali Hoffman Says:


  3. Sarahi Says:

    The character name should be Ruth that sounds like a good name

  4. The Farmer's Wife Says:

    I think Ruth fits in well

  5. Hannah Says:


  6. Graycen Says:

    But I like Remy too, but I think it sounds a little too… flamboyant I guess.

  7. Tory Says:


  8. angiec8420 Says:

    Shuuu…Abigail :)

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