How can i convince my mam to let me get my lip pierced?

I'm 13, I know it sounds young but I really love piercings, I always have. My sister got her lip pierced three times before ( snake bites and labret) but she only wears one side labret now, and you honestly can't tell that she's had the others pierced. My mam isn't very strict with piercings but I'm not allowed get oral piercings. I have multiple piercings ( lobes 2 cartilage nose and tragus) but I've wanted my lip pierced for years and I always planned on getting it done at some stage so is there any way i can convince my mam to leave me get my lip pierced? I'd really appreciate any help thanks!

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  1. grandmother63 Says:

    As liberal as she sounds, I doubt she would let you pierce your lip. OUCH!!!

  2. Nick Says:

    Tell her that she won’t have to see it after so many weeks because it will be healed up and yout won’t always have to wear it

  3. Ande Creo Says:

    When I was your age I used to just threaten my mom with A. a worse piercing, something like a bridge (between your eyes on your nose) or nipple or some sort of dermal piercing. B. I’d tell her I’ll do it myself, and wouldn’t she rather have me do it somewhere she knows is clean and safe?… worked for me.

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