Your Judgement On A Piercing For Me?

Well, I'm an adrenaline junkie. When I need a kick, I get a piercing. I've had my ears done like 8 times, had my belly button pierced, etc. Of course, I always go to a pro and get it done right. But I mainly do it because I love the artistic aspect behind the piercings, and they make me feel beautiful. Anyway, I want to get another piercing. But I'm at a loss of what to get. I wanted to get the Corset Piercings up my sides **see a different question I asked, lol**, but that isn't looking like a realistic option. SO, what do you think I should get? Below is a link to a picture of me. ((I don't do the nipple or genitalia piercings, never in a million years)) Your thoughts? I really am starting to like the idea of a Monroe (the Cindy Crawford thing that was mentioned, lol). Maybe like a 2 mm, no bigger than that. My family thinks that nose piercings are a bit white trash, so they want me to get anything BUT that. lol

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  1. xbeachbum20 Says:

    get your tragus pierced i love itt

  2. i am who i am,okkkk Says:

    why dont u just go skydiving if u need an adrenaline rush? just a thought.

  3. shorty_gyrl_99 Says:

    I’d say nose. It’s really in right now and looks cute on most faces.

  4. Bee Says:

    i have a peicring i find isn’t all that common… you know the top of your nose, the bit between your eyes, i have a bar through there ^-^ i like the way that looks, thats an option :) also, from your pic, you look like you would suit a thin silver ring in the side of your lip xx

  5. arvaamita Says:

    I pierce everything too – well – I am old now (29) but I use too – anyway – I always did them myself – so you are a little smarter than I am!

    So – good choice on changing your mind about the corset piercings – YIKES! That will turn bad. I have a friend who does piercings and he said that the body always rejects the piercings, so it never lasts.

    Anyway – for you – you have a cute face – I don’t know if you want to be this bold, but my favorite piercings are the upper lip on the side. Like the Cindy Crawford mole thing. Just a tiny little silver stud would look great. But that’s just my opinion. try it out – just get a silver piece of card stock and cut a little circle (like a hole punch) and stick it to your face just to see what it would look like. Maybe you would like it, maybe not.

    OR – I have a friend that got 3 little studs on the nape of her neck. They look totally beautiful! But she said they were really painful. You have long hair like she does and she is always complaining that her hair gets tangled in them.

    Anyway – hope you get something you love!

    Good luck!

  6. Sarah Says:

    Whoa, you’re beautiful. Try an eyebrow or nose. :] Something simple like that, I wouldn’t do anything too crazy [on your face.]

    I think an orbital piercing on your ear would be awesome, too.

  7. metalhead333 Says:

    first off, you are really gorgeous :)
    you could easily pull off either a small ring on the side of your bottom lip, a nostril ring, a bridge, or even and eyebrow
    i would probably go with a nose ring

  8. wakeuffel Says:

    If you want something not as common go for a surface piercing toward your hips. If you want to go more main stream then go tongue or lip piercing.

  9. blondie Says:

    i think a nose piercing would look best…

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