ive got a serious sexual question. if your a virgin plz dont answer.?

i got my tongue pierced and i like to go down, right. when i got it pierced, he did it too far towards the tip. i have the choice of getting it repierced a little farther back, but for the girls who like oral, would it be better if i kept the barbell at the end of my tongue or in the middle. i figured i can flap my tongue easier with it being on the tip.. im not trying to be a creep, forreal, i jsut want some serious opinions so if your going to be immature about it, pass please.

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  1. -EabhaMae!- Says:

    That would be extremely cold. I’d get it further back.

  2. Gshsbrhjsjjnbbd Says:

    If you get your tongue pierced, you should have it in the middle, so it looks normal.

    Plus, as a straight non-virgin girl that loves piercings, a tongue piercing is defiantly not attractive or “hot”. It’s just weird on a guy. But that is just my opinion.
    My advice, however is to ask the girl you plan to have sex with’s opinion, that is the one that counts!

  3. Alycia West Says:

    Personally I’d say definitly keep it there.

  4. Alexis Amberly Says:

    I say leave it my ex-bf had one there and to be honest it felt awesome ! but its what ever your girl is into !!

  5. Ox_Stacers_xO Says:

    Keep it there. :) :) Might not look as good but personally it will feel way better for the girl XD

  6. Nicola Says:

    I reckon that would feel really weird if I was with you I would prefer you to get it further back.

  7. Brittany Says:

    keep it there (;

  8. emma Says:

    if you want it to look normal, get it farther back. if you don’t care how it looks, definitely keep it there.

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