okay so i took out my helix :( i know bad idea... but now im wanting more! i have double lobes.... BORING! i want something unusual... okay so i want a forward helix, vetical surface tragus and navel so far. considering: nose, tongue, monroe what piercing do u think i should get? ohh plus.... i dont want clevvage, boobs, v, septum (i dont like them) and normal tragus.. i dont like them either, or a tongue webb okay thank x lets go! wow! this is the best answers i have recieved through questions about piercings! thanks everyone and i pretty much agree with everyone! a few things though before i make the decision: @Kinsley: yes i think nose as well. :) and tongue I COMPLETELY AGREE. Plus im getting braces soon. and bellybutton definitely! And tattoos im thinking about that instead of the nipple. Something personal and private but tattoos dont have a chance to like migrate out or reli get infected and i take pain well :) thanks for your great answer! @Sophie: that sounds like a cool piercing! one for my to do before i die list :):) i would get it now but i play a lot of sport and it would have a high chance of being ripped out... :(:( it sounds cool tho! thanks guy and i should get my bottom bellybutton done :P :) okay piercings are a little addictitve but i will not go overboard. right now its nose (maybe, have to hide it from my parents :P ), bellybutton (done soon :P), vertical tragus (maybe), and forward helix :):) any other ideas email me :) and if u want help with ur piercings send me a friend request thingy :P @flora: i completely agree. and thanks for answering! every (nice and respectable) opinion counts! @aquarajnajfajb (sorry ur name is too long) top contributor guy: well at least ur honest :P hahaha and how did ur tongue turn out? and spiderbites? @ Mia: i couldnt see ur video it says its 'private' :( and sorry for the long detail adding but i wanted to give everyone feedback and dont forget to FRIEND REQUEST ME!

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  1. Sophie Says:

    Ive got the back of my neak pierced which people find kinda strange but i love it .. and it dont hurt as much you would think it did =) .. hope this helps

  2. azqueeraz2 Says:

    i hate lobe earrings… i have 4 earrings on/in my left ear… (tragus / anti tragus / rook and 3rd hole lobe position)… in my right ear i only have it plugged. it’s 10 mm… so i think that’s like a 00 g. anything bigger i hate… gross.

    i have spiderbite lip studs… looks hot on me. i also have my tongue pierced.

  3. Kinsley Kimball Says:

    I think nose :) . With a small diamond stud it can look classy in todays society, and is probably most acceptable! Tongue sort of has a bad connotation if you know what I mean…but you can also hide it pretty easily if you want too. However i’ve heard it can damage your teeth and jaw, and I take pride in my smile so I personally wouldn’t do it. I also find the idea of it kind of dirty…with food and etc. Monroe is really pretty! But again, your job opportunities may decrease and you’ll always have a little whole there it never fully grows over. Belly button rings are my favorite, or navel. I kind of like when people have the top and bottom done! It’s a bit different, or just the bottom done. Only because nowadays every single girl has it haha. I also really like nipple rings, I know you said no boobs haha, but it’s kind of there just for yourself and your partner or whatever. And I don’t know, I just like it haha. I don’t like any surface peircings like hips and stuff because there guranteed to grow out and your left with nasty scars…it’s just not worth it! Eyebrown piercings are nice…but only on certain people! I think you have to have the right face…and attitude haha! Hope that helped a bit:) Have fun! Btw have you though of Tattoos:)? Im starting to like them more then piercings lol.

  4. Mia Davis Says:

    BELLY BUTTON!! here is my video all about my belly ring experience…. also, rooks are my favorite piercing of all time…but they hurt like hell!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46T1GpEohVs
    best wishes!! :)

  5. Wylie Brownell Says:

    ah well this setup is like the hottest and also coolest thing I can have but you prolly cant handle it or arent down but anway you should do your cartlige bar and then tounge and nipples yes nipples do it there a really good expierence that you will remember and then do your belly cause thats not too much its really classy and you ll like it alot

  6. flori Says:

    though i am not in this field,but personally i feel tounge piercings are worst,why ruin what God have given you?

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