I need some cute piercing ideas, any suggestions anyone?

I'm trying to think of a small cute piercing that i can do myself. I've done my nose, tongue web, both cartiladge piercings, and regular ear piercings myself, but i want another one! I want something cute, but that can be hidden with clothes or hair for while i'm at work. I LOVE the idea of surface piercings, i want to get my hips done, but not for now. Any ideas on a small cute piercing i can do?

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  1. ??g?є «3'ѕ ????єув??? Says:


  2. LCB Says:

    your smiley!! use a banana bar and no one will see. or if you wanna show it off put a ring in.. sooo cute and all you have to do it smile to show it off. Btw, it does hurt at all. i thought the clamp hurt more than the piercing.. haha. hope that helped. have fun :)

  3. abc Says:

    belly button!!!!

  4. Laura Says:

    or smiley? {:
    both can be hidden {:

  5. Ikra Says:

    Have you tried a belly button peircing??

  6. Courtney Says:

    yea i’ve tried my bellybutton, did it in the wrong spot and now it’s a keloid scar.
    not very cute, haha.
    As for the septum, i had that pierced for a few months but i definately couldn’t pull it off :(

    I’ll just have to put some more thought into it, ha.

  7. contemp_dancer92 Says:

    belly button.
    so cuteee trust me :)

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