am i using to much listerine?

i got my tongue pierced and have been using listerine like 15 times a day since friday and i noticed my tongue had like little indents it and looked it up and it said to much listerine causes oral cancer and i was wondering if i would get it that quickly..

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  1. Leaylyn NZ Says:

    Oh yes… WAY too much. You’re only supposed to use Listerine a maximum of two times a day (after brushing your teeth). Even the less harsher stuff can be brutal, because it’s meant to get rid of bacteria in your mouth. But some of that bacteria is the good stuff, so by using Listerine 15 times a day, you’re doing more damage than good.
    I definitely recommend an immediate sit-down with your doctor, just in case.

  2. Joseph Says:

    You can’t get cancer that quickly. But, use some moderation for sure!! A saturated salt solution will work well to kill germs, and won’t cause problems like Listerine. Peroxide is a help also: use a mix of things so you don’t get too much of one. However, if you don’t have an infection, don’t be obsessive about it – too much of anything can be harmful.

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