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It was a particularly peaceful day in February. Peculiarly warm for the time of year. The sun was out and birds were singing. It was a very splendid afternoon indeed. So warm and calm that I decided to take advantage of this tranquillity. I would take a walk down to the edge of the Forrest, right where the stream began. I brought along with me a book of poetry, reading poetry on days like these always cheers me up and takes my mind off everything that troubles me. I walked down the long dirt road of which I lived on. It was so far away from everything. Every so often some children would stop at the nearby park, they were the only exception to my loneliness. As a passed by the park some children at the top of a slide waved to me. I waved back and smiled. I wished so bad I could have some real friends. Everyone refused to talk to me since I gave the complete impression of living that life of a hermit. It wasn’t true, I tried to fit in socially so hard. Of course I was also terribly shy. I always expected people to accept me as a child. It hasn’t changed; I am still dependent of that happening that I never made an attempt to fit it. Well unfortunately its too late now, there is nothing I can do about it. As I approached the steam I examined the area for a place to sit. My eyes came across a Large Oak Tree that gave off rather an unpleasant tactility. I shifted my eyes from the area and continued my search. I saw a willow tree about 10 yards away that looked like it may provide shade from the sun. No one would be able to see me there; I didn’t want anyone to see me. Well it wouldn’t make much difference anyway since no one came by here. No one seemed to like it; of course I wouldn’t know anything about that since I was never informed of the gossip in this small town. I settled myself under the shade of the willow and began reading my book. I concentrated on the words real hard but every 10 seconds or so I found my eyes wandering towards the Oak. There was certainly something unusual about it, I just couldn’t figure out what. I turned back to my book but around 3 minutes later I heard a sound. It was as if someone where crying for Help. It sounded like a depressed cry then a scream. The scream was absolutely ear piercing, Like someone was getting murdered. I tried to ignore this thought but it kept coming back to me. All of a sudden the depressed cry for help came back. “Help me!” it clearly cried. I got up quickly and ran over to the oak tree. Nobody was there. I sat down against it and said to myself that if I wanted my mind to stop implying the slight hint of illusion I would over come it by sitting at the trunk of the Large Oak Tree. I calmness surged through me, it had worked. No more eerie voicing crying for help. Of course by that time my mind was racing and I couldn’t read my book so I decided to go home. I don’t know what came over me but about halfway home I discovered that I had forgotten my book. I couldn’t leave it behind. It had been a gift from my deceased mother so I had to go back. As I approached my book, I noticed that a page had been ripped out. A poem about Meadows, on it in blood red letters said, “Beware the Large Oak Tree.” I looked up at the large tree, I heard rustling at the top. Then, suddenly a large ax came shooting down directly towards my face. I dodged out of the way just in time. For the blood covered ax nearly killed me. I didn’t have time to examine the tree any longer. I ran home quick as a bullet, never turning back. When I got home I discovered that my radio was turned on. That was quite odd since I never listened to the radio, at least recently. I extended my hand to turn it off when I heard a news bulletin interrupt the song. “A murder has been discovered yesterday afternoon by the Parkview Brook,” the announcer said. “The body was found just recently by an Oak Tree in the surrounding area. No reports of evidence leading toward the murderer have been revealed. The body of the murdered has not been revealed either. At this time you should lock your doors and windows because the murderer is still at large and everyone should take the necessary precautions. Now back to your regular programming. At this I quickly latched all my doors and windows averting all my attention to the radio in case of a further bulletin. Did the murderer write in blood all over the page of my book? I didn’t have time to ponder this question anymore since suddenly a shadow immerged from the closet. A gleaming knife in his hand. He spoke, “Beware of the Large Oak Tree.” thanks guys which is better that one ^ or this one: http://www.angelfire.com/nc2/horror/Hitchiker.html

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    100/10 dude that was scary

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    TEN TEN TEN TEN!!!!! i wanna read more!!!! thats amazing!!! did u write that?!?! =D

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