are there any dangers of genital piercings?

PLEASE dont leave answers questioning why i want a peircing down there, im asking if there are risks NOT for your opinion!! first off, i want my SCROTUM pierced, not a prince albert or anything like that on the shaft. there increased risk of infection? there other complications if there is an infection? 3.does it hurt really bad? [i mean long lasting pain, not just initial pain during first hour] there a chance of hitting a vein or sumthing causing lots of bleeding? this something that should be done only by a proffesional?? [people always do eyebrow, tongue, labret, ears. why not genital peircings? just wondering] this is a serious question in case you are wondering! a hafada piercing i mean

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  1. Hannah O Says:

    i dont think you should get one!

  2. Jane S Says:

    yes, it’s a condition called “i can’t get any girls because i’m nasty down there”

  3. Krista Says:

    2.most likely, duh! if it doesn’t, ur really wierd
    5.yes, definatly
    oh,and by the way, DONT DO IT

  4. bekaj13 Says:

    When you pierce anything there is a risk for infection, because of what you want pierced there is a higher risk. The piercing wont get a lot of air and will be harder to keep clean. This is DEFINATELY something that should be done by a CLEAN liscenced piercer. I have a genital piercing and the pain was less than my other piercings. I would highly suggest scoping out some local piercers and ask them your questions. They are the best people to answer. Hope this helps!

  5. naughty teacher Says:

    the danger of a GENITAL PIERCING….hon, don’t get one. you always have risk of infection with any piercing, and would you really want to chance something “down there”?

    no one should have a friend aim ANYTHING at that part of your body. you have tons of veins there. don’t mess around with it.

  6. Olivia! Says:

    1. There shouldn’t be an increased chance of infection. Just clean your junk as you normally would, and you’ll be fine.

    2. You mean like infection = your balls fall off? Then no, nothing like that. If you did get an infection, it wouldn’t be any more serious than any other infection.

    3. Personally, I don’t know. I don’t have a sack and I don’t know anyone with a hafada well enough to know what the healing process is like.

    4. Not really, as long as you go to someone who knows what they’re doing, you’ll be fine.

    5. Um, all piercings should be done by professionals only. Trained professional + sterile equipment = much happier piercing than your friend Amy’s friend Tom in his kitchen with a sewing needle.

    Scrotum piercings do not tend to have any negative long term health issues. However, depending on jewelry and placement care should be taken during certain activities such as bicycling, martial arts, etc. to avoid pulling on the jewelry which can be quite uncomfortable. Care should also be taken with the type of undergarment worn when dealing with genital piercings. Loose strings can often catch on jewelry and make for a rather unpleasant experience.

    Migration is uncommon in scrotum piercings unless the piercing was done too shallow or with too small of a jewelry size.

    As for the sexual effects of scrotum piercings, scrotum piercings tend to be more of a placebo-erotic piercing as they offer no notable stimulation to either partner.

  7. ~Leslie~ Says:

    1. If you clean it right and have it done at a professional parlor then no, the risk of infection is not necessarily higher.

    2. Infections of any kind cause complications if you don’t catch it soon enough. Get any concerns checked out by the person who pierced you and a doctor.

    3. No, the pain fades out. You will be sore for a while but that’s normal. The healing process is the worst part of any piercing or tattoo.

    4. A trained professional will not do that. Don’t worry about it, go to someone good and that you trust.

    5. All piercings and tattoos should be done by professionals only. No piercing should be done at home. That is how infectoins are most likely to happen, mistakes, and then having to pay dearly (big $$) to get the affects fixed. NEVER ever pierce yourself. Concerns of disease are from when people didn’t have professionals to do it so they would do it on their own and have no clue how to do it right. Anyone who suggests going anywhere other than a professional parlor (claires, icing, a “friend”, etc.) is a moron. Hollow needles, a straight on trained point of view, clean area and the skin to know how to not mess up are required.

    A side fact, proper tattoo and piercing shops are typically cleaner than a dentists office. Think about it, a dentist puts their hands into your mouth but the area isn’t nearly as clean as a tattoo parlor is. They clean everything down with bleach, open new needles, use fresh gloves for any change, ask way more health questions allergy wise and give better after care than a dentist does. Find a shop you trust, is clean smelling upon walking in, has licesnes on the wall, asnwers questions, gives you phone numbers to call incase of emergency and doesn’t shun you away when you have a question afterwards. Look around, do the homework and go to a pro. It will all be fine if you take the proper steps. No price hunting for the cheapest place, cheap isn’t good and good isn’t cheap. Pay for the skills from a trusted piercer or artist.

  8. Broken Says:

    there is always a risk of infection with any piercing!

    not really any complications besides rejection but again thats with any piercing

    well i don’t have a scrotum so i don’t know about the pain. my clit hurt like hell but it only lasts a second and that was actually the fastest healing piercing that i’ve ever had no swelling no pain after.

    and yes by all means get it done by a professional!! people that do piercings themself are just stupid!!!

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