piercings…sea salt on my ears? ASAP?

ok, i just pierced my ear about a week ago(double on top), i know u use sea salt 4 oral piercings, but can i use it on my ears instead of the antiseptic stuff Ive been using from walmart? sorry...im kinda dumb Thank You

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  1. freebird4lyf Says:


  2. Laurie Says:

    No, salt works in the mouth because it helps cure oral wounds (didn’t your mum tell you to gargle with warm salt water when you had a sore in your mouth?) but it won’t help cure the wounds on the skin. Topical aniseptic like Bactine will work best.

  3. Lynn M Says:

    I can’t speak for the use of sea salt, but the antiseptic is for cleaning your piercing to prevent infection…whatever you use needs to have antiseptic properties whethher it be something like bactine, hydrogen peroxide, etc.Myself I’d reccomend the bactine to clean your piercing and keep them infection free, and isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning agent for your earrings to keep them clean of soaps and drainage from your healing ears, good luck. The reason sea salt was reccomended for your oral piercings is that its a natural substance, safe to be used in your mouth, rather than a chemical antiseptic, which would have been dangerous should you have swallowed some of it.

  4. GriM Says:

    Yes sea salt is fine to use, in fact recommended by most, do NOT use any topical ointments, alcohol, peroxide etc as they will cause more damage than good.
    I recommend H2Ocean, a saline soultion spray fi you can find it, which is specially made just for piercings.
    Hope that helps

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