Lip piercing questions and help?

okay, well I want to get my lip pierced, My parents dont want me to have a facial piercing. I want a little diamond on my lip. Any ways to convince them? No rude comments about piercings.. ect. oh, and does it hurt?

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  1. Courtney P Says:

    Say it’s your choice and your body and you pay for it. And if you get an infection you’ll pay for it, make sure you have money saves up for that just in case.

  2. Alkowa Says:

    say “please please please” and put on your cute face other than that i wouldn’t bother, my friend had a lip pierce and it ripped in his sleep so now he looks like gooofy

  3. Sayuri Says:

    Sadly it’s hard to convince parents of piercings, i couldnt get my snake bites till i was 18. now i’m 19 with only 8 piercings.. um, best thing to do is keep begging till they give in. that works for most parents. and for pain, i have to say that my lips were pretty unpainful. i mean it was a pinch, but hurt less then ears.

  4. cecymg2 Says:

    it’s easier to ask forgiveness than permision…. once you get it you might get grounded however there’s nothing they can do about it ;) if it hurts???? well yeeeeeeeeeesssss but it will only be for like 2 minutes and after that you will have what you wanted XD good luck!

    by the way if you really want to do it you should,… however i have to say that your parents are right about the face piercing. after several years when you want to take it off you will keep a whole in your face and you wont be able to remove that. Plus HR of some companies do see those kind of things to offer a good job position. it looks awesome at ceirtain age!!! and in another age not so good…

  5. Kathie Says:

    Do good in school and stay off drugs. That’s how I convinced my parents for piercings since you have to have a parent or gaurdian with you if you have it done professionally. And please get it done professionally.
    Personally, I didn’t enjoy getting my lip pierced. It’s a needle going through my lip. But you won’t cry.

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