Someone with a micro dermal piercing (preferably a facial one)?

I've thought about getting an anti eyebrow piercing but I've been advised against it so many times due to the high rate of rejection and the scarring that occurs after wards. I've been told that micro dermal piercings (aka single point piercing or dermal punch) are better because they have a much lower rejection rate. Does anyone out there have one? If so, did you experience any kind of rejection with it? And how exactly is it done? Thanks!

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  1. Paigeybear Says:

    I don’t have one, but I know a thing or two about microdermals.

    They are the way to go, especially w/ anti-eyebrow piercings. Less stress/trauma is put on the skin, sits they sit under the skin. Curved and straight barbells get pushed out way too easily. Surface bars also aren’t that good for anti-eyebrows b/c they work better on flatter areas of the body.

    Microdermals can be installed by either the punch-and-taper method or by the needle method.

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