Will a nose piercing look good on me?

Okay so I lovee piercings, and i was thinking of getting my nose pierced. But I`m really nervous because it`s a facial piercing so yeah, I want to make sure I get it without any regrets. Give me your honest opinion. I`m open for anything. Thanks guys ! :] http://i34.tinypic.com/11j0ymu.jpg

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  1. sexii b Says:

    yea it would

    please answer mine?

  2. luv2sing4evr24 Says:

    ooh yes!! you are gorgeous, and it looks like it would be great on you. go for it! it only brings more attention!!

  3. Kasey H Says:

    GO for it! If you don’t like it, you can always take it out…

  4. Penny Says:

    I thinks so but I would research the steps to take if you need it to heal afterwards if you decide you don’t like it

  5. Angel L Says:

    ya it would look ok : )


    yeah a cute little small diamond on the side not a septum or anything.

  7. mnf_09 Says:

    yeah go for it, i think you would look good with one.

  8. bcos Says:

    ur soo pretty, i think a little stone would look best

  9. robot_lover_92 Says:

    yea nose piercings look good on anyone i have mine pierced and just to let you know it doenst feel too good. the best advice just tell the person thats doing it not to tell you when they do it

  10. Kim Says:

    it would look fantastic!

  11. ? Sophie {Miz Anti-Jonas}? Says:

    Nose piercings like this
    Usually look good on anyone…
    Get one…and if u dont like it take it out.. My friend did and u can even tell she had it pierced

  12. Sarah F Says:

    yea you would look fine

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