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i got my tongue pierced today how long do i have to wait till i can give my boyfriend oral again?

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  1. stephanie Says:

    3 weeks! And please don’t try it before it hurts real bad (for you)

  2. Gustav Says:

    A month.

  3. jp5843 Says:

    A couple of weeks. Your other holes are ok though right?

  4. Casey M Says:

    til the swelling does down and til it doesn’t hurt. i’d wait a couple weeks. i also changed my piercing to a shorter barbell. half inch. it’s kinda hard to find but it hugs the tongue better and, in my opinion, is more controllable than a long dangly barbell.

  5. chris brown's girl Says:

    4 about a month sucks 2 b u

  6. Gary L Says:

    For him three weeks…but for me I’ll make an exception

  7. Chris F Says:

    a week.

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