Where do you work if you have facial piercings?

I need a new job that you are able to have facial piercings.. I have a healing piercing that I need to keep in..any suggestions??

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  1. Melanie Says:

    Most places higher people with piercings! Try a trendy store if you’re worried for whatever reason! Good luck healing your piercing!

  2. rissanicolex3 Says:

    I work at Claire’s. We’re allowed to have 2 facial piercings. You can also work at Icing, Hot Topic, Pacsun, Journey’s, & Zumiez I believe.

  3. Stardust Says:

    Hot Topic?

    I work at Macy’s (in merchandising), some of the sales people have tattoos and piercings…I guess it just depends on the city you live in if some of the bigger stores and such allow that sort of thing…

    Good luck!

  4. callmeplayfair Says:

    My suggestion is that you apply wherever you wish to work. Some employers will be cool with your piercings and some not. But don’t limit yourself. See what the market will bear. Make sure your piercings look healthy, though, and that the rest of your interview look is impeccable.

  5. ?ZoMB!E? Says:

    most jobs are beginning to be a little bit more laid back about the piercing thing, i imagine you don’t have 20 piercings in your face – maybe just a few…try to apply for wherever you want to work at, talk to them about it and if all else fails you can bring up the idea of wearing a retainer while at work..they are still visible but not as much as wearing a stainless steel barbell, hoop or stud…what’s the worst that could happen, right? good luck!

  6. milwaukee1903 Says:

    depends what facial piercings your talking about. just see who will take you or not.

  7. Halema Says:

    Any type of professional/management position will have you remove them. Usually, no more than one piercing per ear is allowed. You might be able to find a place that will allow it, but you won’t be earning too much. I’m surprised that Macy’s will let you with piercings, because Sears does not.

    If you are so into piercings, why not become a piercer? You will make better money that working for minimum wage at a small retail shop in the local mall.

  8. getting married 08 Says:

    i work at medical trans managment and its awsome! i love it here they are very nice when it comes to body mod and tatts, i have to say out of everyone who works here i have the most and i am very well liked and even leads come to me about things thats how much they trust me. i am able to wear my septum ring and show my tatts all i want! love u mtm!

  9. ~Leslie~ Says:

    Put a small bandaid over it for work and blend the edges with foundation but be sure to clean it as soon as you can. You can get any job if you are willing to follow codes they have set up. Compromise and find a job that fits you.

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