How can I convince my parents for a second piercing?

I'm turning fourteen soon, in February and I have tried to ask my Mum for a second piercing. All my friends got their second (facial) piercings when they were thirteen. Which kind of makes me feel like an outcast. i have offered to pay, do extra jobs/chores for two years or if I get good grades, but that seems not to be enough for them. My older brother was aloud to get a piercing with he was 14, so why can't I? So how can I convince them?

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  1. Love. <3 Says:

    What second piercing do you want to get? Ear or not?

  2. ?pн??т?мя??єя? Says:

    guilt trip your parents by being all “you let my brother get his ear pierced so obviously he’s your favorite!!!” and stuff like that.

  3. Wickedd Says:

    Try being mature about it..
    You know you have hope because your brother got to when he was your age so state your case rationally and logically…tell them that you know and realize all the dangers and cons of the piercing but you will clean it and take the proper course of care for it daily and routinely. You should tell them you’re more than mature enough to be able to handle this type of thing and that it’s something you really want. (and I’m really hoping it’s not just cuz your friends got should be because YOU want it cuz it can leave scars and such..) You should also bring into the case that your brother got his at your age and that you should be just as able to get yours since you will then be fourteen..just don’t get whiny about it. Try not to beg;it’ll make you seem immature. And try not to bring your brother into it TOO TOO much cuz sometimes parents get annoyed if you bring others into your situation.

    Also don’t just offer to do the extra chores/jobs and get good them that you will do it. Start from now to do those things and your parents should be impressed.

    If they say no from there you could always try the whole begging thing but you might just want to wait it out a bit and continue being good.

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