Help with unique facial piercings? 10 points?

I already have a monroe. I might be getting my anti eyebrow pierced. I was also looking into dahlia's and venoms. I want a unique facial piercing idea, thaanks for your help :) ps. Don't say any piercings that have to do with the ears.

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  1. Blair Fowler Says:

    nose piercing! (just a stud) if you have the right facial structure they will look sexy

  2. Rina Says:

    yeah monroe’s are awesome. i think medusa’s look really good too. good luck :)

    EDIT: i like third-eye piercings too. just above the bridge.

  3. Savannah Jensen Says:

    Get your bridge done! xD

  4. Kooky Kitty Says:

    Surface piercings.
    Angel bites.

  5. CreamBanana Says:

    have one like in the middle of your cheeks…that is UNIQUE! right?

  6. XxD@n!D33xX Says:

    snake eyes are really cool my friend has them I really like dahila’s too

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