How do i get the ball back in my piercing?

i have a hoop in my nose and i had to take the piercing out for a birthday present facial. now i can't get the ball to clip back in because it is so small? any tips for now or the future??

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  1. jjuneified Says:

    I have to use a pair of pliers. that usually works.

  2. Wilhemina Says:

    Any piercing place will pop it back for you. I cannot do it myself personally.

  3. bildymooner Says:

    Its a two person job. Have someone use small pliers on both sides of the hoop then hold the ball where it goes and let the hoop close on it.

  4. tweakk Says:

    Ouch. I had that problem with my eyebrow. I suggest going to your nearest piercing place and asking them nicely. 5 dollars in the tip jar wouldnt hurt either ^_^, also, ask them were you would be ableto purchase a CBR (captive bead ring) tool . i think its like 10 bucks, opens and closes them right up.

  5. exodus64_1996 Says:

    most respectable piercing places will be happy to do it for you, free.

  6. roflcopter pilot Says:

    Don’t use conventional pliers, you can hurt yourself and your piercing. It can scratch or chip the jewelry, those flaws in the metal can tear the piercing. Buy CBR (captive bead/ball ring) pliers for easy open and close. Best option is to go to a piercer and ask them to put in for you and give you advice on what works best. Most places will do it for free and just throw in a tip to be nice :-D

    As a piercer and someone who once stuggled with this issue, I suggest holding the jewelry with your fingers and examine the ball to find the indents in it. Line up one hole and slowly push the other side of the ball into place. It’ll take a few tries and patience. Don’t pry the ring open or closed because you can bend the jewelry to a point where it will not line up again and you’ll have to buy another piece of jewelry. I’m sure what I said sounds easier said than done, but it takes a bit of practice. Good luck.

  7. Ana Says:

    Alot of people have problems putting the ball back in their piercings. I couldn’t get mine out. The piercer had to do it…..ask the piercer….or try some pliers or tweezers. they are small and u should be able to get a better grip on tightening the ball.

  8. Sage B Says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one with that problem. I use forceps and stand in front of the bathroom mirror with the drain on the sink plugged ( to many dropped beads down the drain) and my eyes crossed and try to line up the holes in the bead and snap it in and then squeeze gently on ring, then retrieve the ball and try again about 15 times before it goes in right.

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