Realistically, how bad are lip piercings for dental work?

I've wanted my lip pierced for a long time now. I recently had several teeth pulled, because of damage from a car accident 6 yrs ago. I'm missing 7 total now, all in the front. My dentist said all my other teeth are strong and healthy. I'll be getting flippers soon, which are temporary false teeth on a retainer type thing that pop in and out. Eventually I'll get permanent bridges. I feel like alot of what I've heard about how bad oral piercings are is a bit of an exaggeration. I know there are risks to having oral piercings like chipped teeth, receding gums, eroded enamel, etc. But really how often does that happen?? Aren't there plenty of people that have no problem with it?? Realistically how bad are oral piercings for dental work?? Is the risk the same for false teeth as for real teeth?? Does how you well you care for your mouth affect the risk level?? Are different types of jewelry better?? What about placement?? I know the dentist will be against it, obviously.

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  1. sydneys mommy 03/06/10 Says:

    i have had my lips pierced when i was younger. it honestly depends on the type of piercing you get.

    my shop only gave me the stud and it was horrible. it got hooked on my teeth a lot, so when i finally could trade it out i got the hoop. The hoop is great and did nothing to my teeth. For the studs, they have the plastic backings you can get which wont affect your teeth. If you can, get the hoop in the beginning because it accommodates for the swelling, and wont hurt your teeth!

  2. Kaley Henning Says:

    I’ve had my bottom lip pierced on the right side for 5 and a half years now, and I go to the dentist twice a year regularly. They always look at my teeth around the piercing to make sure there is no damage caused by the lip ring, and as long as I’ve had it, there has been no damage. I’ve worn a hoop and a stud, both for extended periods of time, and never had any issues with it.

  3. Rsltkk Says:

    It definitely depends on the placing and the type of jewelry used.
    If you get the piercings right up by the lip it shouldn’t bother your teeth much.
    The studs they give you are big in the begining (because of expected swelling) but after about 3 weeks make sure to get them changed to smaller studs. (if you keep the bigger ones they reach out further and can scratch the teeth)

    Definitely go to a well known piercing studio (check online for reviews) and they can give you better information about placement that would work best for you.

    Good Luck (:

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