What piercing would look..normal on my face (picture)?

I want a piercing. A facial piercing but i have no idea which one would look right on me maybe one of you piercing fans can help me :D http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2d8hlqh&s=4

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  1. xxxxtaitxxxx Says:

    A little stud on your nose, your pretty cute

  2. ? Says:

    your real pretty hun.. do not pierce your face im telling you it looks gross on girls and makes them look less feminine

  3. Julia Says:

    A stud in your nose, a monroe (its above your lip) or maybe a eyebrow ring?? i wouldn’t get more than one though.

  4. Jessica P Says:

    you’re gorgeous. Don’t ruin your face. you’ll just be left with a scar.

  5. Jennifer A Says:

    a monroe

  6. angel gurl Says:

    if you really want to
    i would peirce under your lip cause it would match
    like do you noe whos kerli????
    the singer look at the picture of her on photobucket and it shows her peircings.

  7. Nichole Says:

    I think a nose ring would look cute but nothing more because your really pretty and you wouldnt want to ruin your face with face piercings

  8. Satan's Angel Says:

    I think a lip piercing (labret, monroe, etc.) or a nose piercing (just a stud, not a hoop) would suit you.

  9. ?Simply Me. Says:

    You should get a monroe, that would look cute on you.
    Pay no mind to the people who answered this question with negative answers because they are the ones who more then likely have NO facial peircings. I have my nose and monroe done and I have NO scars, or skin discoloration from them. If I take them out the hole will just look like a lil freckle. Its actually cute.
    The monroe peircing is a very fememine peircing, its also easy to take care of. You can barely feel the person peircing it, I didnt feel anything. It WILL hurt like hell thou for the first 3 days because of the swelling.

  10. KJOY Says:

    i think a little eyebrow piercing would look hot, you’ve definitely got the face for it!

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