Sexual orientation: I have no idea where I am. Please help me out with an opinion?

In private, I like to cross-dress a little. Dangle earrings (if anyone mentions the holes I say I pierced them when I was young and daft), a tiny amount of make-up, and skirt. In public I usually secretly wear ladies underwear. I secretly have my nipples pierced. I wax. I’m straight in that I don’t find men attractive. I find some women sexually attractive, but only say 1 or 2% of women generally. I prefer 25-30 year old girls.The thing that makes a woman attractive to me primarily is the way she smiles. I find a tongue stud in the right girl a turn-on. I like women that dress girly but can kick arse. My relationships don’t last long. I invariably get dumped. When it comes to sex, I prefer to give oral than to have intercourse. I often fantasize living the life a female friend for a day, and invariably conclude that sleeping with their man would be the only downside. So what am I? Straight with fetishes? Partly transgender? Something else? I need to sort my confused head

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  1. me Says:

    theres nothing wrong with a bit of cross dress :)
    as long as your happy

  2. Johnny U Says:

    yeah, i’d say the wiring got crossed up somewhere. you gonna need a shrink and a couch for this one.

  3. beekay Says:

    You, as you say, are confused. Its called gender disorientation. Start by looking through the fog of deception and find out the real scoop on behavior-isms relating to gender. Although its true that many gay or otherwise disoriented people are wonderful people, the truth is it normally is started from a broken situation (divorce, abuse, or other) and the results in every study is a lifestyle other than normal makes you and others around you (future children?) at a far greater risk of a broken life filled with drugs, jail, and other failures. Simply speaking you take a great risk when you stray from what has always been considered a normal lifestyle by every civilization in the world.

  4. jake06706 Says:

    You are a straight closeted cross dresser.

  5. dreamchaser8860 Says:

    If you really have to have a label, you are a transvestite. Many TV’s are not gay at all, and even more of them are married. What the root cause of it is, I couldn’t tell you. You’d need a professional to sort that out. But if you surf the web for information and contacts, you would be completely shocked at how you are definitely not alone. You need to talk to some other men who have been where you are now…that would be the best thing.

  6. J.O. Says:

    Your Strange! No Doubt About It!

  7. gerald c Says:

    you need to know i you really like female or male it is your perference. but i think you are a party transgender.

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