BOYS – What do you think of this piercing this girl has? ( PIC)?

I saw this picture of this surface piercing this girl has and i quite liking and i just wanted some others opponions on it , so tell me :) thanks

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  1. Lindsay Macdougall Says:

    i know im not a boy :-L
    but i think that piercing is realy nice & its the piercing im wanting to get next.
    my mates ex girlfriend had one & he realy liked it,
    i think if you like it you should get it done thats what im going to do :) xx

  2. ithb Says:

    Hey, im on my sisters profile by the way, so this is a guy.

    I really dont like it, coz it looks kinda painful, and its just not natural, plus what if it got caught on your clothes. Ugh its freaky.

    Sorry just my opinion.

  3. NikkiLynn Says:

    im not a boy but i think its an odd piercing i think it would bring alot of attention to your breasts but if thats what you want then get it ive seen weirder piercings like the back of the neck and ive seen the ribbon piercing where they get 2 piercings across from eachother and they go down your chest or wherever with loops and they put ribbons through them. those look so painful and i can just imagine if someone ripped it out how bad it would kill

  4. Catrina Says:

    It looks alright, simply just because the woman in sad picture has a pretty looking chest area.
    I agree with the guy who said it doesn’t look natural and it looks freaky- it does.

    I don’t find it attractive.

    (I know I’m not a boy sorry. if it was hot, i’d say so !)

  5. Athame Says:

    I’m not a boy but I think it’s really cute. But I’m one of those people that love piercings. Planning on getting my nape soon. :D But be careful there is always a chance of migration and rejection with surface piercings…

  6. Ale. Says:

    Called a sternum.
    & it looks really nice, but it is easily rejected.

  7. Andie O'brien Says:

    it looks pretty awesome to me, if you want it u shud get it :)

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