Is it really better sex and orgasm easier after we women have our genitals pierced and if so which ones are th

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  1. pessimistic & realistic Says:

    That’s what they say but I had mine pierced for quite some time and I didn’t have a better orgasm…As a matter of fact, I had less.

  2. jmb_ha Says:

    yea it’s ur clit get it pierced…

  3. LaLa Says:

    thats a myth. to get better at sex, you need practice. you start getting more orgasms easier when you are more experienced and with an experienced partner.

  4. davbig2 Says:

    your a fucken idiot rings belong in ears

  5. katevb39 Says:

    umm yeah umm no u know but thanks for the points!

  6. janet Says:

    I wasnt really sexually experienced before I got pierced, but after I got pierced I come every single time. Orally and through intercourse.

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