Wisdom teeth and piercings.

Background info: I'm sixteen. I have my septum, tongue, and snakebites pierced. Septum and tongue are a year old and the snakebites are like 5 or 6 months old. My wisdom teeth are coming in. When I look I can see like little white things sticking out of my gums in the very back of my month. On the top, I can't feel anything on one side but on the other I can feel like something growing out of my gums. I thought it may have been my wisdom teeth but I felt no pain. Yesterday I went to the dentist because I'm getting braces soon. he said that my wisdom teeth were coming in and that one had already come in.( on the top) he said to make an appointment with this oral surgeon he gave me so that I could get a full x-ray and then a surgery to remove some teeth and my four wisdom teeth. I know my tongue and snakebites( which are bio plastic studs) will have to be removed but what about my septum? Is it a bad idea to get my nose pierced next week, knowing a week after I have to get the xray?Will any metal affect the x-ray or only metal in my mouth?Please help. What if I get it pierced with a bioplastic stud or a retainer? then it wouldn't be metal? anyone know?

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  1. Kaitlyn S. Says:

    You should take all the metal off of you… and you should wait to get your nose pierced.

  2. Candice S Says:

    you should take them all out…i had my wisdom teeth pulled last week and they made me take all of mine out and they are all in my ears. the x-ray they do is a panoramic x-ray and the thing goes all the way around your head…so any metal has to be taken out. definitely wait to get your nose pierced until you are all healed up from having the surgery. nose piercings take a long time to heal and the hole will close up if you have to take it out for surgery.

  3. Amanda S Says:

    You need to take out any piercings that are from your collar bone up and dont get a new one cuz your gonna have to take it out also ask about any other piercings below you neck.

  4. ellx33 Says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re going to have you take all of your piercingsout.

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