My mom won’t let me have a tongue ring?

I got my tongue pierced when i was 18 and i tried hiding it from my mom but two days after something made me laugh really hard and my little sister saw my tongue ring and my mom freaked out and cried saying that girls get it to give oral sex and that i was a bad example for my sisters (my sisters don't listen to me anyway) and if i didn't take it out she would kick me out of the house the next day she took me to where i got it done to take it out. I'm 19 now (i'll be 20 in november) and i got it pierced again 3 weeks ago. My mom hasn't found out yet cuz I'm more careful now. I wish there was some way i could tell her without her freaking out. I have a nose ring too

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  1. Starry Night Says:

    You would have to help her see a different reason for you getting it. She thinks it has one reason. She’s uncomfortable with that. While you live in her home, it’s her rules. Good luck.

  2. greed Says:

    follow her rules or get out of her house and pay rent for yourself. You’re not going to get far without family. Trust me.

  3. pamela m Says:

    Well tongue rings are horrible for your teeth, beside why your mom wants you too take it out. It takes the enamel off the back of your teeth and they rot faster. Also if you have any type of surgery you will have to remove it. Your teeth could also chip. What about a nose earring or eyebrow earring something small not big. I think your mom would approve more of something like that or upper earlobe. I let my daughters get the nose ring as long as it was small or even the belly button.

  4. Ok... Says:

    There is only one way to tell your mom:

    Tell her from your new apartment that you pay rent on.

    When you are the head of your own household, and you pay all the bills that go with it, you can pierce whatever you want. Otherwise, you are in her house, where she pays the bills and makes the rules. She has the final say so. No exceptions.

    It doesnt matter if you are 19 or not; you are being ungrateful to your mom, by going against what she says. Besides at 19, you should be focusing on work or school, not getting things pierced.

  5. Paige Jewell Says:

    Well first of all I probably would have tried to discuss it with her BEFORE you got it haha. Well I have heard a lot of parents say that they think this is the only reason kids get a tounge piercing. Personally I haven’t had one but I would maybe try to talk to her about letting you have one because of your age and how you are of legal age to be an adult. But you can’t just keep it in and keep it from her and expect her NOT to freak out. The longer you have it probably the more mad she will be if she finds out again or if you try to talk about it with her. If she doesn’t let you keep it then I would just wait until you move out because after all it is her house and you should respect her rules like you have before. I don’t see why she wouldn’t let you have one now that you are older but she might still think that you will be a bad influence to your sister. I hope I helped you out with this somehow. :)

  6. Brittany Says:

    you’re 19, almost 20. your an adult, you can do what you want with your body. she legally cannot tell you what to do.

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