How long does it take a tongue piercing to heal?

Not the healing time after the initial piercing, but how long after removing the jewelry from a fully healed (4 weeks), standard gauge tongue piercing will the hole be closed enough that I can't put the bar back in? This is useful for times when I dont want it in, like for a job interview or to see my grandparents, but will leaving it out for a few hours or a day be enough time for the hole to seal up?

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  1. mindy Says:

    nope, it should be fine. ive left mine out for a week or so, and it was fine. i would advise the least time possible though. the mouth is the fastest healing part of the body, and everyone is differnet. but for a few hours, you should be fine.

  2. Ms Short Person ! Says:

    i think its different for everybody, but i could never leave mine out for any extended amount of time, even after 2 years! at some piecing studios you can buy jewelry that is almost invisible for those occasions you want to conceal it.

  3. angelwingz1 Says:

    generally the hole will close within a 24 hour period.
    i have had my piercing 10 yrs and i cant leave it out for more than 30 mins before it heals.

    try using jewellery that is clear, generally in interviews they cant see them unless you stick out your tounge.. and i doubt your grandparents will unless you poke your tounge out at them…

  4. AutumnRose Says:

    It’s still a fresh piercing.
    If you take it out for a few hours, it will be way too healed for you to be able to put it back in.
    It only takes a matter of minutes to pretty much close up.
    If you have to keep taking it out then maybe you shouldn’t have it.

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