How to convince my mom to let me keep my lip ring?

okay so my brother took me to get my lip pierced yesterday, my mom hasn't seen it yet but she won't let me keep it when she does. I have a Monroe, industrial bar, tragus, nose and stretched lobes. She's an oral surgeon and is totally against oral piercings. I really want to keep it and I don't want any more facial piercings. Her reasons for not letting me get one (or when she sees it, reasons for not letting me keep it), are scrapes the enamel off my teeth, I have enough, or she calls me gay and tells me I look like a freak. So can you help me out? (and btw, I am gay, I'm just too afraid to tell her haha) btw I'm 15

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  1. Britt P Says:

    aww that sounds like a nice piercing but tis your body and fi you like the way it looks then keep it! tel her you feel that you look better with it and it shoudl be your descion not hers! good luck!

  2. Smile.? Says:

    Just tell her you like it and if there’s any sign of infection, you’ll take it out. And tell her that if you do take it out it’ll just look like a scar on your face.

  3. Britni Says:

    Tell her you will put braces wax on the inside so it wont scratch anything, that’s what my sister does with he braces so they wont rub her mouth, it should work to prevent scratched teeth. Good luck, I hope she lets you keep it.

  4. xxkrilztalehart7xx Says:

    Awww..your mom’s not that nice!!!! i think lip piercings are so hot.

    Anywho tell her a lie …like it you take it out you’ll get an infection or something. I’d keep it anyways Matter a fact i wanna get a eyebrow piercing….im of course gonna do it behind my moms back and i’ll just hide mine with bangs until i’m like 21 and i can tell her…lol

    Just tell her it is time for you to start making your own decisons and the only way you will become a man is 4 her to let you do what you feel…you know that blah blah blah i need my indepedence….it worked on my mom and she works at the PRISON!!!!mothers get sensitive about that kinda stuff!!1LOL

  5. Noidea Says:

    Punch her until she stops moving

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