about to have my tongue pierced!?

how long should i wait till oral sex and smoking? how many days will the swelling last?

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  1. Marissa Silva Says:

    at LEAST 2 weeks :)

  2. stephanie abendroth Says:

    oral sex give it about a week to 10 days smoking a few hours as long as it doesnt cause you too much pain my swelling was about 3 days but i pulled away from the needle when it went through. As long as you are gentle it shouldnt cause problems

  3. Kaycee Joe Says:

    I wouldn’t recommend a tongue piercing in the first place because your tongue will be bleeding excessively but if you do I would recommend no smoking for about a week or two and I would also reccomend to sex for at least 3-4 weeks or 2-3 weeks….my friend got her tongue pierced and this is what she did….she didn’t smoke for a week and a half and she didnt have sex for 3 weeks… the swelling might last 1-10 days…I really hope I help you

  4. Featherweight. Says:

    swelling varies for each person but it should generally be around 1-2 weeks as after that time the piercing has more or less healed.
    its recommended that you try not to smoke during this time as it can complicate healing (for example, my friends got really painful and swollen everytime she had a cigarette and the healing time was also delayed), although if you have to smoke then wait at least 2 hours after the piercing, and clean it out afterwards with alcohol free mouthwash (which should be used after a snack or cigarette in conjunction with sea salt solution twice a day)

    as for oral sex, im not too sure probably until after the piercing has fully healed :)

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  • how lomg do i have to wait to smoke a cigarette after getting my tongue pierced
  • how long should i wait to smoke a cigarette after getting my tongue pierced