Is my piercing rejecting?

I have a surface piercing and I know they have a reputation of rejection. One of the balls recently fell off and right when I noticed it was gone that side was swollen and red. It went down a little after putting ice on it, but even since I got it pierced there's been a tiny red ring around each hole and a flaky white top. It's not usually swollen and it doesn't hurt and it never pusses, but is this a sign of rejection?

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  1. Bill Kaulitz (female) Says:

    it could be, i will take some time to tell, i would let it heal up or something then get a different one.

  2. Artemis Goldfish Says:

    Be sure to clean your piercing frequently, if it’s getting dirty, it might be getting a little infected, which might not be a big deal if you just be sure to clean it. If the problems continue, see a doctor and/or take the piercing out. Your skin might even be sensitive to the material, some skin is sensitive to any material which isn’t high-quality silver, gold, stainless steel or titanium.

  3. Saint Gut-Free ????? Says:

    It very well could be. But it could also just be irritated and/or infected. Try calming it with sea salt soaks and healing it. If you notice it becoming more shallow, then it’s definitely rejecting.

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