How much will it cost to fix my teeth?

On my upper left side, my incisor came in late. However, there was no space between my central incisor and my left premolar - so the incisor came in sharp and abnormally above my gums and projects slightly forward. So if I press against my upper lip, I can feel the point of the tooth against my lip - so basically if someone decides to punch me near the mouth, my tooth would probably pierce through my upper lip. My orthodontist says it needs to be surgically removed, any idea how much it will cost from an oral surgeon?

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  1. Derryk Says:

    Hm.. well depends.
    i want to be a dentist when i grow up , so i know its not going to be that cheap to get it down. u can always ask him as well, it s different price for different places and different teethe.
    oh how old you are too can effect it :P

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