Is Tounge Pierced Really Better During . . .?

oral sex ? Just out of curiosity because I have read it is really bad for your teeth, and tounge

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  1. otsy Says:

    its all a big myth i say, my partner has her tongue pierced n i cant even tell.

  2. isitonlove Says:

    i dont think its better, when he uses his tongue ring, it hurts. and a man cant really feel it at all. its only bad for your teeth if the person puts the ring in crooked, then it scratches the enamel off the back of your bottom teeth.

  3. sweetstylin11 Says:

    Well, I have to tell you that nothing good can come from a tongue ring. There was a dentist who had a patient with a tongue ring and she had an aneurysm from it and it traveled to her brain and she died. She was 18.
    A client of mine had hers done and has recently had to have skin graphed to build the gum line on the back of her teeth at the top because if she left it, her teeth would cave in backwards! OUCH!!!! The dentist asked her if she’d like the skin graph from a pig, a cow or a CADAVER!! (dead person!!! YIKES!!) I’d NEVER have that done. I can find other ways of getting and giving pleasure thank you.

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