Horizontal lip piercing?

I want a new piercing, and I've decided on the horizontal labret piercing... or if I have to, a vertical labret. I've heard it's a surface piercing? Do they usually reject? Where could I get a retainer for it?

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  1. Mart M Says:

    could be cool

    answer this


  2. Abbie :] Says:

    Horizontal lip piercing. I think they look so amazing so you have a vote from me :]

  3. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    Sounds like it’d be a surface piercing to me. And yes, surface piercings do usually reject. However I’m not sure how lip tissue would react, it’s different than regular skin. This is something you should really talk to a skilled piercer about.

    You can get a retainer pretty much in any piercing shop, it’s a lip piercing with a retainer, especially this kind of lip piercing, is still totally visible.

  4. Rosie C Says:

    good luck kissing a girl

  5. gabby. Says:

    do the horizontal piercing! they look great! i have the spider bites but i’m thinking about getting the horizontal soon! =]

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