How likely is a second piercing to get infected?

I've had my ears pierced since I was five and never had any problems with them (no allergies, infections, nothing). Lately I've been toying with the idea of getting a second piercing in one ear, but I'm a wimp and am worried about it getting infected. Is that likely? I also heard that one piercing getting infected can cause the others to get infected, is that true? I don't want to screw up my other piercing because I like wearing earrings!

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  1. mirna h Says:

    i don’t think its very likely that a second piercing will get infected but i’ve never gotten 2 piercings.

  2. whitetig Says:

    um, no, not usually , unless you have sensitive ears, but that usually doesnt cause infection, jus have to get earings for sensitive ears and your goo dto go…but that was a smart question…but nok, that doesnt seem to happen!!

  3. :O) Says:

    I have a 2nd piercing on both ears, am allergic to anything that’s not gold (but I wear other metals anyway) and I haven’t ever gotten an infection. If you’re still not sure, the best thing to do once you’ve already gotten it is to put a little rubbing alcohol on it and twirl the earring a while (to make sure it doesn’t get incarnated) every night and it’ll be okay.
    P.S. I have the 2nd piercing half a cm. away from the first one (on the skin on the lower part of the ear, not on the cartilage), so if you you want it on the cartilage (upper part of the ear)… I don’t know.

  4. abdfg Says:

    i got mine when i was 4 and thenn i got another hole in each ear when i wasss 13-14 and it was fin. nothing happened at all.

  5. Miss Murder Says:

    Unless you have a condition where you get infections, not likely.

    First off, to avoiding infection, go to a reputable piercer in a piercing shop, do NOT get pierced with a ‘gun’. They are a health hazard, and you have such a high chance of getting infected (i’ll give you that source if you need proof). Okay, so you go to a reputable piercing, and if he’s got a reputation, he should do it fine. Piercing shops use high quality jewelry(that is very important) such as surgical grade stainless steel, and titanium(to avoid allergic reaction for people with a past allergy to stainless steel). The little claspy wal mart earrings are not god for a new piercing…. those are fine for after the healing process….

    The rest is up to you. It is your responsibility to FOLLOW AFTER CARE INSTRUCTIONS that the piercer tells you. They do not give you the sheets/tell you that for nothing. It is important you clean as much as they say, as many times a day they say,a nd with what they say…these people go through apprenticeships and health classes, they know what they’re talking about. So don’t toch them, or change out jewelry too soon, and you should be fine.

    The chance of infection from piercing from piercing depends on certain factors. First off, the best way to avoid it if you possibly get the new one infected is….keep anything that touches that infected piercing from your other holes…that is the best way to avoid it, it only makes sense, right?

    If you ahve any questions, message me.

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