all fluent french speakers i need your help?

ok so i have to do a 30 second presentation on a family member and its for my french oral which is 2morrow and i need to memorise it by then .... so basic info ... i going to talk about my dad and hes passed away so it will be in the passed tense also i dont want to go on translator because it does not sount like you would speak thats y im asking you ... so i will show you what i have and ill write the rest inot english so you change my english into french ... thanks ! bonjour!, j`ai choisi de parler sur ma pare. ma pare was a lovely man and j`ai ador? him . of what i can remember of him, he had les cheveux shorts et les yeux vert/gris. he was fairly tall and was white. he was kind but could also be strict and he used to sneak me and my brother and sisters chewing gum when ma mare was not looking ! one of the best memory i had of him was when i was about cinq or six and ma pare promised to take me to have my ears pierced behind my mums back and when i got it done my mum got a little bit angry because my sisters wanted theirs done to! sadly my dad died in 2006 thanks hiden -ro ... i was goin to start it like that but i dunno ..and thanks xarmilin ... im a girl so isnt it right? urm ... i need to turn it all into french the parts in english is what i want translated thanks x anto - great thanks for the full first bit :D wow molly thanks a bunch !!! *hUg* :D has helped alot now all i have to do is memorise it and know how to pronounce it :P

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  1. Hiden_romance Says:

    its good . but i would change the start bit to “je vais vous parler …’
    otherwsie . well done !

    and im terribly sorry to hear about your father *hugs*
    best of luck with your french ! x

  2. xarmilindax Says:

    first thing i can help u with is say “mon pere” not “ma pere” [ma is feminine] i cant help with much else but im just saying

  3. anto Says:

    The first part :

    bonjour!, j`ai choisi de vous parler de mon p?re ,mon p?re ?tait un bel homme que j’ai ador?.

  4. Molly Says:

    bonjour!, j`ai choisi de parler sur mon pere mon pere ?tait un homme charmant et j`ai ador? lui .
    De ce que je me souviens de lui ,il avait cheveux shorts et les yeux vert/gris. Il a ?t? grand et blanc.

    Il a ?t? genre mais pourrait ?galement ?tre strict et il sert ? jetez moi et mon fr?re et s?urs chewing-gum lorsque ma mare cherchait pas !

    un de la meilleure m?moire avaient de lui ai lorsque j’?tais sur cinq ou six et ma pare promis faire moi d’avoir mes oreilles perc?es derri?re mon chrysanth?mes arri?re et lorsque j’ai il fait ma maman a obtenu un peu en col?re parce que mes soeurs voulaient leur faire !

    Hope This Helps All In French

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