what are the risks of leaving body jewlery on during a surgery?

I have a dermal anchor in my chest and a surface piercing on my neck. I can't take them out and I'm getting my tonsils removed, is it a very big risk?

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  1. jelesais2000 Says:

    Your doctor could tell you best, but mostly the reason for telling you not to wear any is because the hospital can’t accept the liability risk in case the jewelry would disappear. They don’t want the responsibility, nor possible accusations of their employees, especially since most of them are specialists in their field. A good surgical nurse is worth her weight in gold, even at today’s gold prices.

  2. Butterfly Says:

    Some hospitals tape some jewelery over with surgical tape.
    They should tell you all about at the hospital.
    Good luck with your op.

  3. I miss summer 2009 Says:

    There’s an anesthesiologist on Yahoo Answers with the username “Pangolin” who answered a question simiIar to this.

    She said that the surgeons use a tooI caIIed a Bovie which generates eIectricaI current, and can cause the jewIery to heat up. She says she doesn’t Iet patients wear any jewIery, even with surgicaI tape on it.(Then again, I don’t see why the current wouId just heat up the metaI, but she’s the expert on this)

  4. Pangolin Says:

    I’ll go over it again for you, because if you show up in my OR, you get the choice to remove the jewelry and have surgery, or leave the jewelry in and go home with your tonsils still there.

    1. Anything metal can cause burns because of the electrocautery used to stop bleeding. Most ENT docs use the cautery to do the cutting that removes the tonsils, because it cauterizes at the same time. Where your stuff is will be right in the path that the current takes from the surgical site to the grounding pad, putting you at very high risk for injury.

    2. There can be pressure on the jewelry during the surgery, leading to tissue necrosis (dead skin and subcutaneous tissue), or the jewelry could be accidentally ripped out. Ouch.

    3. Your anesthesiologist and nurses can’t be bothered to look after your jewelry. We are too busy with other, more important, things. Your jewelry may get damaged or lost.

    Remove the piercings. No anesthesiologist or surgeon in their right mind will let you go to the OR with that stuff in there, and if they did, I’d question their judgment all around. Safety in the OR is the top priority, and you’d be an idiot to try to undermine that.

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