Hip surface piercings?

I'm planing on getting my hips pierced and i heard that Microdermals are better.... but i dont know what they are? can someone tell explain to me what they are and how they look like and would they also work on rib piercing? and does any peircing parlor do this? how painful is it? and are they more expensive then the regular surface piercing? for that one chick that calls herself "baby doll." your probably to fat to get one, no wonder you think its gross.

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  1. sarah, Says:

    i want to get my hips as well.
    people have been telling me that if you get the surface it will reject and hurt a lot afterwards.
    but if you google it you’ll be able to find the piercing parlor and you will probabley be able to find out what Microdermals are and what they look like. :)

  2. Mrs.Zombie. Says:

    Microdermals are little studs that can go anywhere in your body and they go inside of your skin
    I don’t know if you’ve seen people have they’re cheeks peirced or their neck and have
    like a stud? You can put them on your knuckles and stuff.
    Some peircing parlors do them and some don’t.
    I heard they’re painful but it all depends if you like pain or not ha.

  3. miaa. Says:

    It would cost a bit more than a regular piercing considering the piercing is a bit un-usual.
    I’ve also heard that microdermals are better,
    I don’t know anything about them though :S
    So I googled it haha
    Heres some results for Microdermals:
    I hope I helped and Good Luck

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