question about piercing?

im planning on getting a surface piercing & i wanted to know how to get it like i don't want it to reject so do i get it with the punch & taper method or what? do i use plastic or titanium jewelry or plain steel? curved or straight bar ? im new to piercings so i don't really know much about them

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  1. ? ???? Jessica ??? ?? ? Says:

    trust me you dont need it, if your body’s gonna reject it, dont get it. do not be a pin cushion.

  2. Susiee Says:

    I have had 3 surface piercings .. with plain steel .. my body rejected all three and now i have bad scars .

  3. ink slinger Says:

    look the best way for you to know is to go to a shop and ask your local parlor they can show you and tell you every thing you ever wanted to know i say go for it after all you can change it to plastic, steel, titanium ect. and if worst comes to worst simply take it out just go for it if this is what you want

  4. Daize Says:

    Surfaces piercings always do reject, If your getting one you need to be prepared to have a scar where you get it.

    They last different amount of time depending on the person, Some last 5 weeks others can last 9 months.. Just depends.

    Best thing to probably get is Dermal piercings, They can last longer and don’t leave as big a scar.

    They do usually cost a little more to get done but are more than worth it compared to using a long bar like in surface piercing. If you do get surface piercing id go for surgical steal and straight bar. Just make sure to go to a professional place with experience in doing Dermal and Surface piercings!

  5. Ivy Veleno Says:

    yeah the girl who answered your hip piercing question gave you wrong information

    .. and so are alot of these other people

    yes, use microdermal anchors (punch and taper)
    they do NOT reject, and they are much more comfortable than surface barbells and allow much more mobility

    your flesh fuses to the jewelry as it heals, so it is permanent until you want them removed

    i have 4 “hip” piercings on my back

    the microdermal anchors ARE a bit more expensive, but they are worth is because they cause no problems,

    if you’re going to a professional place they use top grade stainless steel for all their jewelry. your body can not reject stainless steel

    please do NOT use any curved barbells, those can push out over time and leave big ugly scars

    i’ll come back to you and give you a picture of my back to show you what they look like

    here ya go… they were just done when i took this picture, thats why they’re red

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