Do women like male genital piercings? I would like answers from those with experience, and those without.?

I recently had my penis pierced (on a whim) and can laugh about it afterward. I've had mixed reactions to it - and I don't know which reaction is genuine. I would love to know what women think (since this is anonymous). Those of you that have experienced this - your thoughts? Those of you that haven't - would it freak you out? Get you interested in experimenting? Thanks in advance! P.S. Please withhold any judgments, attacks, etc. P.S.S. For those of you that know anything about piercings, I received 2 Dydoe piercings along the top of the crown. Ok - I'm not asking men. Seriously - I dont want a guys opinion on what WOMEN think. I probably know women better than most men, so I dont need another man's opinion on women. If you're a goat and you have an opinion on what women want - I guess that's ok. I don't know what Goats think. Come to think of it - opinions from unicorns are welcomed as well. Guys - don't waste my time unless you've pierced your dick and you can relate.

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  1. Maxine G Says:

    hell yes

  2. The Friendly Guy Says:

    I would not trust Maxine who said “hell yes” she looks like some fat 30 year old who just wants you to make a fool of yourself by peircing your private parts.

    Most woman do NOT like it, because it is dirty and discusting. I’m a guy and the only places I would want to get pierced is probably above the eyebrow (my older cousin got an eyebrow piercing and it looks kind of cool) but on your dick that is kind of discusting.

  3. Beloved Immortal Says:

    i personally dont like it. i dont like the look of it. i dont like the thought of it. lol…

    i get the thought of a common guy doing something like that.

    sorry just my personal opinion.

  4. XxAbbiexX Says:

    I av neva tried it, but i wud hate it!

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