How fast will my nose piercing close up?

I have had my nose pierced for almost 6 years. I keep getting those annoying bumps beside the piercing and they come and go. A few days ago I had a really big one develop and I got scared and took the piercing out. It has been out for almost 1 full day now. How long do I have until the piercing totally closes up and will this bump EVER go away or is it now scar tissue? Thanks! I have never taken the piercing out. This is the first time I have done this.

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  1. ROBB Says:

    depends on the guage of the piercing on average about 7-10 days and it will close but it could be faster

  2. sunkissed8883 Says:

    I had it for 3 years, and mine closed within 24 hours of taking it out!

  3. Ioki Says:

    wow 6 years!! i think you shouldn’t worry too much i had mine for 3 years and sometimes i take it out for work and i forget to put it back time i went 1 month w/o and still open hehe good luck!!!

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