im 13 and i went to get a surface tongue pericing?

and i went to get a lip one but idk watto get a surface tongue piercing or a lip pericin im gettin the one that is a sureface tongue piercing it have to 2 balls in top of ur tongue nd ppl say it better then the orginal tongue piericng

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  1. ed031639 Says:

    No, that is too dumb & you are too young.

  2. Luciahh Says:

    Tongue piercing; it’s way more suprising because nobody can see it at first.. until you talk.

  3. Indie77 Says:

    I would go with lip pericing because a tongue pericing rubs on your teeth destroying enamel and resulting in increased cavities and extreem pain and when eating they can get ripped off your tounge. OUCH! So do some careful considderation.

  4. Becka Says:

    Don’t do it until the legal age you are allowed to get piercings where ever you are from. At 13 you probably aren’t mature enough to take care of it. Tongue piercings are hard to take care of. And surface piercings are even more difficult, and they look kind of retard (sorry its just my opinion) Just wait till you know for sure what you want and are able to do it legally. They can be dangerous if you don’t take care of them.

  5. Max Cruise Says:

    Lip piercings are UGLY!!!
    Let me repeat,
    Tongue piercings are just plain stupid. Friend was talking with a real estate agent about listing their home. Agent asked if she could get the listing. Friend told her no way, you are not a professional. Agent get all mad about being called unprofessional. Friend told her she couldn’t talk professionally due to a pierced tongue. She lisped her words.
    Is this what you wish? To have ugly, useless piercings that are a waste of money?
    Instead of this superficial ruining of your appearance in a vain attempt to improve your personality, work on your education. For one, improve your spelling.
    im = I’m
    pericing = piercing
    i = I
    idk = I don’t know
    watto = what to
    pericin = piercing

  6. ruby Says:

    lip. (: specificaly a Madonna,
    i have it, & its easier to take care of than a tongue, or bottom lip piercing

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