tragus eye brow eye brow surface. lip rook industrial tongue belly button belly button multiple times. dermals beside your eyes. nose septum monroe chest surface piercings. hip piercings. double tongue piercings. vertical. double tongue piercings. horizontal. collar bone surface piercing. neck surface piercing. etc. if you can think of any other. I am interested. I have a few but I want more. I am a wimp too. ;]

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  1. Peaches06 Says:


  2. Tabitha? Says:

    ewww! most of those sound really ‘nasty pasty”

  3. Enzi_Raver! Says:

    i have my tragus.
    vertical labret.
    and dermals.

    the dermals and vertical labret hurt more than the others but they healed quicker.

    oh you forgot the bridge of your nose. ;] i’m getting that done this weekend.

  4. Nay Nay Says:

    dimple piercing.

    its basically in your cheek, going through
    to your mouth.

    I want to get that!

  5. missbr0wne Says:

    if you get the tragus, don’t get them done at the same time. its sensitive, you won’t be able to sleep on that side for a while. nose doesn’t hurt. navel doesn’t hurt. industrial doesn’t hurt. i’m debating my lip.

  6. Miguel P Says:

    snake bites hurt bad… any piercing that comes pairs

    the first piercing is bad, but the second one hurts the most because all you think about is how bad the first one hurt!!!!


  7. Iuuid E Says:

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  8. ( = Says:

    you left out a clit peircing
    ( =

  9. tigergirl11 Says:

    my tragus hurt for a couple of months and now it hurts every now and then mostly when its slept on wrong. and my boyfriend has the industrial and he said it didnt hurt.

  10. mommy_vanzandt Says:

    lip, a little bit.
    industrial, most deff.
    hip piercings.
    collar bone surface piercing.
    dermals for the first few days is going to bruise your skin.
    monroe it will be all crust and red, just like the lip piercings.
    the eyebrow piercing wont bother too much.
    neck piercings are delicate.
    septum will hurt if its not on the sweet spot.

  11. hailey c Says:

    i have my nose, lip, belly button, and a 4g in my tongue. none of them really hurt ( except the guaging of my tongue). It’s just the healing precess that can get annoying. but you souldnt be worried. and dont choose your piercing off of what other people say, because you may get it and decide you dont like it. get what you want to get not what other people think you should get. also, make sure you have a good piercer, if you worried about pain a good piercer wil try and make it as least painful as possable.

  12. Hghg G Says:

    I have my nose, bellybutton and eyebrow.

    The bellybutton DEFFINATLY hurt the worse.
    Eyebrow and nose werent bad at all.

  13. lilcslilhottie Says:

    all piercings hurt it just depends on your pain tolerance if you can’t take pain then honestly if i was you i wouldn’t get any piercings!. to me pain is nothing cause honestly piercings don’t hurt to me. i have left tragus and navel and honestly either one of them hurt but then again pain is nothing to me! but if your a wimp then i wouldn’t get any piercings!
    the navel you get after pain worst then period cramps, soreness, and redness, the tongue swells and it hurts for like 2 weeks if not longer it just depends on your body!

    i would say out of all them you listed i would way the tragus, rook don’t hurt at all… cause i plan on getting my rook and its just like getting an ear pierced which its just like a bee sting or a big pinch!

  14. The Final Riot Says:

    multi navel
    any surface piercing
    genital piercings

    these would hurt the most

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