What are the safest hip piercing techniques, and what do they involve?

I'm considering getting my hips pierced, but since their is a high rejection rate, I'd like to see which piercing techniques have the lowest risk rate. I know microdermals only have a 2% rejection rate, but what does microdermal mean? and what are the other techniques they use to pierce hips? Also, I want to be able to pop the balls off, and change them, which type of piercing do i have to get to do this?

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  1. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    No no no no no. Microdermals do not have a 2% rejection rate. They are far too new an experimental for any conclusive rejection rate to be stated.

    And like any other method of piercing, microdermal success partially depends on the placement. The hips are a very high movement, high traffic area. Even microdermals would probably stand a pretty good chance of rejection. The hips just aren’t a very viable place for piercing, sorry man, but if you want something with a good chance of healing and long term retention, you should find a different piercing.

    But if you’re dead set on it, here is an article about microdermal implants, it should answer all of your questions:

    Basically the only other technique used for surface piercings are surface bars. They are barbells with are shaped like staples. This jewelry helps alleviate the pressure the jewelry puts on the entry and exit points of the piercing, which is a contributing factor in rejection. Although this jewelry can slow down rejection, the piercing still will most likely reject eventually.

  2. Christie V Says:

    let’s get this straight ALL SURFACE PIERCINGS WILL REJECT. within a 2 year ratio most surface piercings which include hip piercings, will reject. microdermals are sergically implanted in your skin. and the piercer will massage your muscles,in a hip piercing, it will hurt. then insert a bar into your hip. it will swell and may never fully heal and will be very very sore.

  3. Linzpelt Says:

    i had my wrist pierced with three dermals.. left horrible scars and i did everything they said. just a warning

  4. thatleoguy Says:

    Surface Piercing do have a high rejection rate. it depends on the person getting it and the piercer doing it. However I have never heard of the 2 year mark on surface piercings.(it’s not something you can predict). An experienced piercer with the right type of jewelry should increase your chances. For hips, Flat surface bars or microdermals is what I would recomend. Microdermals would give you the best range of motion.
    Microdermals are not that new, people have been doing transdermal piercings before I was piercing over 14yrs ago and microdermals are it’s smaller counter part, I know in my studio we’ve been doing them for over 3yrs and we got trained by someone that had been doing them for years before that. we still see the microdermals we did 3 years ago and surface piercings I’ve personaly have done over 4yrs ago.
    My Advice is Look for someone with an intensive portfolio with years of experience doing what you are looking for and make sure they use titanium and not surgical steel.

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